Where have I been?

There are no excuses for this rather lengthy hiatus from blogging, especially when I waste my time in lectures on Bloglovin' anyway. I've had 'returning-to-uni-meets-blogging-block' issues but am hopefully using this little post to ease my transition back.

I came across Leather & Lace's post recapping her last two weeks through her iPhone lens here and decided it'll be the perfect way to show you what I've been up to, especially as I failed to write up my 'Hello November' post! (Donny, I hope you enjoy these pictures)...

I'm excited to get back into blogging and have quite a few reviews I cannot wait to write out and share! I hope you're all well! x


Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch Review.

Today's review is of something I had never actually heard about until receiving my YBD Beauty Box a couple of months ago. I'm sure all of you know of, and may have even used, beauty boxes before but for those of you who haven't, they're simply Beauty subscription boxes that differ, company to company, but generally offer to send you a few trial sized products for a certain price each month. YBD have a lovely concept where you're allowed to pick two products to be sent to you, and whilst we all know my slight obsession with products for under-eyes, I saw this Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch & hence, after this incredibly long intro, a review awaits!

Promises? "Our botanically infused instantly brighten eyes for a wide-awake look. Concentrated botanical blend with Vitamin B and fruit extracts to treat the delicate eye area, visibly diminishing the appearance of dark shadows and puffiness, leaving the skin hydrated and firm"

First Impression? I literally had no idea what to expect with this Eye Patch, but when opened, it comes out as this incredibly slimey (beauts) crescent shaped, almost jelly-like slices! Something I really didn't like was the lack of instructions given. I even tried to google so, but I could find no instructions on how or how often to apply them. I also saw that the back of the packet advised me to leave them on for 30 minutes, whereas the website only said 20 minutes. I personally prefer my products to have decent instructions given... so I was not too impressed there.

The Test?  Originally, I found them quite difficult to apply on my face, as I have quite small eyes, so I fit them in as best as I could and spent my half an hour watching New Girl and simultaneously praying none of my flatmates knock on my door! The patches felt fine under my eyes, but after around 5 or 10 minutes, I deffo have to lie down as they often end up sliding all over the place. The patches turn from a significantly white colour to 'invisible' and are easy to apply and take off. I also dabbed my under eyes with my ring finger once I took them off just to let the remaining moisture fully soak in, as recommended on the packet. My result?  I automatically felt my skin directly under my eyes was tighter, which in turn made it so much easier to apply concealer. It may just as easily be a product of the placebo effect, but I love what it's done to my skin! My circles are still visible (thank you genetics), however so significantly reduced!

Buy Again? Yes! Yes! Yes! I am in absolute love with the fact I've come across these! The price means they'll have to be a 'pamper evening' product as opposed to daily, however I am in love with how my eyes look now. I only applied these patches this morning, so we'll see how long it seems to stay in my favour, but I'm deffo in awe of these!

Has anyone ever used these or other eye patches, and if so, how did you find them?

You can buy the Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches on their official website here or on BeautyBay here, £15.00 for a pack of 4.



Living in University/Private Accomodation Tips.

Hello lovelies! Moving into second year means that I've had to find rented accommodation to live in and with that comes a whole, long list of landlord do's and don't's! Without a lovely homely room, I find it virtually impossible to get settled and feel comfortable into a University routine & therefore since the day I've moved in, I tried to make my room as homely as possible! Some typical landlord issues (no blue-tac, no candles etc..) do get in the way, but I thought I'd share with you all a few of my tips to make your room away from home more homely (bloody 'ell that sentence was a long'un!):

Clothes Rail
My wardrobe in my new house is absolutely tiny! Instead of using quite a few hideous plastic boxes to try and squeeze my clothes into (& undoubtedly making a mess just to get out that one jumper), I decided on investing in a clothes rail. I currently use this one, and absolutely love it! I can easily add and take my clothes off without making a mess and it helps me to see more of my clothes, instead of a few just hiding away. I was more than ready to also buy some spray paint, so the rail would match the interior of my room, however the colour's barely obvious & covered in light fairy lights. I love the clothes rail & how well it fits into my room! 

Battery Operated Fairy Lights
Fairy lights instantly light up a room (If you'll pardon the pun). I've found the most gorgeous sets of Battery operated Fairy lights (as seen in the picture above) from Primark for only £3. I've also got a set of lovely heart shaped ones, however as they're made of felt, they're not very bright! Look out for caged ones, they'll set such a gorgeous and warm atmosphere in your room, especially now it's coming to winter!

Fragranced Sachet's instead of Candles
As i'll have definitely mentioned before, I live in a house with all boys. It means exactly as you'd assume... strange smells that (as my room is right next to the kitchen) waft into my room! I've always absolutely love candles and though admittedly nothing beats them, fragranced sachet's are an absolutely brilliant alternative! They make your room smell absolutely gorgeous and all you have to do is leave them somewhere! With pretty packaging such as the one I have, I have no problem leaving it out in the open & having no flames also helps my asthma!

Get a rug
This is a slightly contradictory remark as my rug is back at home, however a rug makes such a huge difference to your room you wouldn't even realise! I've spoken to so many people who are in hatred of their carpet in their houses and just by adding a splash of colour, or pattern to your carpet, you set the theme for your whole room! One of my best friends has an absolutely gorgeous native patterned rug in her room which looks so beautiful I can't even explain! A rug is definitely needed in mine, and I'm bringing mine down as soon as I go back home! 

Removable Glue Tac
Blu-Tac is absolutely hated in many Landlord's books! Someone suggested these glue dots (basically blu-tac but without the colour & easily removable) and I love them! I added all my photos up on my wall, and they stay up! It's so nice for me to wake up, get out of bed and have my photo wall right there!

It's the little things you never even realise that make a room you're renting into a room you're living in! Let me know if you try out any of these tips & if you have any to share yourself!

Will hopefully see you all soon x


Hello October.

2 more beautiful months away from my favourite month of all... December! You'll all have known how much of a busy month this has been for me due to my lack of blogging, so a sum up post right now is an absolutely perfect way for me to explain myself!

Goodbye September.
❃ My little sister turned 16 this last month and it was so nice to spend the day with her, spoiling her & making sure she had a beauts day!
❃ I returned back to Uni, and have been getting settled ever since! It's been so ridiculously nice to see everyone again, go out and get back into a routine where I actually learn things!  
❃ Living off campus has also involved me exploring Bath, which is so beautiful! I'll hopefully be posting a few pictures in a post soon!
❃ I reached & passed 250 Bloglovin' followers which is so super amazing! I promised a giveaway once this happened, which hopefully I'll be able to launch this coming month! 

Hello October.
❃ I can finally get settled into a routine which after a busy summer is much awaited! I aim to make sure I blog at least once, hopefully twice, a week! 
❃ Halloween! I absolutely love halloween at Uni, as there's always a whole week devoted to it! I can't wait to try out some exciting & scary make up looks (which I'll of course be sharing with you!).
❃ I've only been at Uni a week, but I cannot wait to go back home and see my family again, so I'll hopefully be going back home this month! 

What's all planned for you lovelies in October? Let me know x


Yes, this is a post!

I've had a long break from the blogosphere, unintentionally of course, due to moving back to University & getting adjusted with life back in Bath! It's been a lot harder than I've anticipated settling in, with moving to a new house, catching up with people, going out and preparing everything that needs to be prepared come the start of actual University term. This post is just a quick one, that I will delete in the future, just to let you all know that I am, just about, alive! I start my Uni term officially from Monday onwards, and once in a settled routine I will get back to blogging! I have such a long & exciting list of post ideas for you all that I wanna share, so you'll just have to bare with me for the moment! How are all of you too? I feel so alienated from the whole blogging world, I'd love for you to comment below and let me know how you all are! Hopefully will see you with a post very, very soon! x 


How to 'Get Over It'.

The title sounds quite rude when I read that back... "get over it". Not the nicest of sayings, and definitely not one that you'd expect to be coming from someone who strives to be as nice as possible, like me (I mean I even apologise to doors after walking into them, no lie!) Nonetheless, it is one that needs to be said. We all go through ish in our lives, some things more serious than others and some that affect us more than others. You'll always have a point in your life where things don't go as you plan, whether it's relationships, work, studies or more. Something we often forget (& I'll be the first to put my hands and say I'm sure as hell guilty about this) is that we all two options in situations like these.

We can obsess over the situation. "What could I have done?" "What shouldn't I have done?" "Will I be okay?" "Why is it always me?". We can ask ourselves these questions and more and allow our brains to think of absolutely nothing but the situation. Questioning, analysing, critiquing and upsetting over the same thing. Overthinking will get us nowhere. 


We can get over it. I've been brought up with the proverb - "whatever happens, happens for a reason". Now I know this saying isn't relevant to situations of illness' or death, but what I'm addressing today is little life situations that mean nothing in the big scale but upset or anger us for a long time nonetheless. Why bother? Because you'll waste your life away obsessing over the tiniest things, trust me. I'll let you in on how I get over it...

Look for the silver lining
Like I just explained - whatever happens, happens for a reason. You can look for a positive in nearly all of life's little downfalls. You didn't get the job you wanted? That's fine. Another one will come along, and the experience of the first will build you up to be more prepared, more ambitious and more thankful. You've had a bad relationship that's not ended well? You're one step closer to the right one. The failures & experiences in our lives make us who we are, you might not realise it now but when you're going to the uni you're enjoying, doing the job you love and are with the person you want to, you will.

It's certainly not the psychologist 'getting-to-the-root' resolution, but if you're anything like me, you'll know that your brain winds you up. The longer you spend alone with your thoughts, the more time you have to dwell on the situation. Distract yourself. Meet up with friends and let them help you become happier without you even realising. Lose yourself in an amazing book or a TV series (my current choice: Vampire Diaries, of course). Go Pinterest crazy, it'll often lead you straight into my next point...

Channel that energy
Similar to the distraction point, except instead of losing yourself in something, channel your feelings into something productive. Pinterest is full of crafty DIY techniques & exciting make up looks to try. Why not actually try them? The same goes for blogging... in fact, that's the reason I'm writing this post today. Even better, channel your energy into working out. If you know me you'll know I'm the most unfit person to probably walk this earth but about 70% of my truly successful workouts are fuelled by my desire for distraction and they help me feeling pretty good by the end. Once you gain this positive outlook, your solutions or ability to get over any situation are so much more effective.

Go back to basics
The fact that you can read this blog post in the first place means that you are so much more privileged and lucky to be where you are, regardless of your situation. The fact you are under a shelter, with food, water, even wi-fi, makes you part of the world's richest population. I read somewhere that at least 80% of the worlds population live on under $10 a day. We're all guilty of relative deprivation (hello sociological term!), that is, feeling deprived in comparison to those around us. It's by no means a cheerful topic, but it's one that we need to be reminded of now and then.

Have a nap
When I was younger I used to have this weird thing, where I would take a nap any time I was scared. I remember taking naps when there was lightening & thunder outside and even once when I was at my nan's and she was dog sitting two huge, like even bigger than me, what I saw as scary dogs. I had the mentality that if I slept it off, when I woke up, I'd be fresher and be able to handle everything. Strange, but I still carry this now (except not over thunder and dogs, obviously!). When I wake up after a distressing day, I'm ready and determined to make the new one better. You should be too.

Most importantly, we need to understand that these things in life happen, whether we're thankful for them or not, but we bounce back and move on. We'll always be happy again.



BareMinerals BareSkin Liquid Foundation Trial.

I'm not a huge fan of exploring away from my much loved & regular beauty products, so once a free sample is offered, especially of a high-end product, I'll jump on the chance. Bare Minerals UK have recently offered a free 10 day sample of their new BareSkin liquid foundation, which you can register for here. Obviously being a beauty fanatic skint student meant that I took this offer up as soon as I could & I went into my local Bare Minerals counter to recieve it.

The experience was as every trip to a beauty counter was. In order for me to recieve my sample, I had to be matched & never exploring Bare Minerals before meant I was more than happy to sit in the lovely little chair whilst the manager did my make up. I absolutely love the 'stripped down to natural' approach Bare Minerals takes (as you can tell by the name) & when asked the lovely manager told me that this foundation only included 12 ingredients as opposed to an uncountable (as in, I literally got so bored counting) amount in my regular foundation MAC's Studio Sculpt.

Something that caught me off guard, and that I loved, was the brush used, the Perfecting Face Brush. I've never seen a brush with an indent right in the middle before, and when applying, you're supposed to use a drop or two in the middle of the indent and buffer out. I personally already prefer buffing my foundation out, as I use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, and to me this brush was literally perfection. It's so soft & has amazing bristles, it's been shoved right to the top of my 'Make-Up Buys list!'

Once my make-up was done, I genuinely was surprised with how much more brighter my skin was. Like I've mentioned before my patchy olive toned skin has quite harsh golden undertones, which often leads to a really dull natural skin complexion. The free sample given was in a tiny pot (hardly 10 days, but that wasn't so surprising) & it came with a little card to tell you all about the foundation itself. I took the sample to try it out myself & left the make up on the whole day to test it out.

Unfortunately, my love for this foundation didn't last. I took the little girl I often watch to a playgroup & whilst running around & playing with her in quite warm weather I did get a little hot & sweaty (so attractive, I know!). I wiped my forehead and my hand was just covered in the foundation. I didn't expect the foundation to fall off my skin so easily, but it came off and left me looking pretty strange, as you could tell where I wiped my face. I loved everything about this foundation, but was so surprised & upset to see it'd come off so easily. Primer was applied before and setting powder after, yet it still came of as easily as it was applied. 

I'm having an ill day at home today, but I've put part of the sample on to see how it fairs during a Vampire Diaries & blog day. So far so good, however I don't think I will be purchasing this foundation any time soon, not until I can be certain it'd stay on my skin. I need a foundation that can fair well with really long days, nights outs and different weathers, and this just wasn't it.

Give it a go yourself though (after all, it is free!) & let me know what you think x